When will land grabbing stop?

Recently a playing ground was grabbed in our home area by a private developer who wanted to establish a residential house, although things were out of my hands there is nothing I could do.

We organized a peaceful demonstration to demand back our playground and ensure we have somewhere to play and socialize .After the demonstration the matter was taken to court and later the structure was brought down.

Around the country  private developers are grabbing land by bribing the city council, chiefs or ministry of land officials.

In order to avoid these, the government should form a land commission to investigate such cases and report so as no corruption in our lovely land of Kenya [to minimize land cases]

The city council should carry out investigations before issuing out licenses and permit to private developers. When all these is accounted for, I believe land grabbing will be history

Every land will rightfully belong to the right people.


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Our Environment! Whose responsibility?

Our environment is very important in the day to day running of activities. People seem not to know the health hazards we expose ourselves to, by not taking care of the environment.

In every part of our surroundings, one cannot miss to come across litter lying around, yet dustbins are all over. This calls for self responsibility among all citizens, for together we stand, divided, we fall, for we cannot leave environment matters for a few people and expect a positive outcome.

photo by David

Many are the times children fall sick as a result of poor hygiene, there are countless outbursts of pipes all over the slums, not forgetting, the small children who play around the slums barefooted; they pick up items from the ground as they play around and at times tend to put into their mouths.

This has resulted to outbreak of diseases such as cholera, typhoid that has been highly contributed by drinking of contaminated water by the residents living within the slums. Not forgetting the spread of malaria as a result of open breeding places for mosquitoes that has been rife with the stagnant water lying all over, that has been contributed by the poor drainage system.

photo by David

It is a high time; each and every Kenyan citizen wake up and took the responsibility of taking care of the environment and not leaving the entire burden with the Nairobi City Council workers.

For a better, healthy environment, let us take charge!!

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My name is David Odhiambo. I am 15-years-old. I am Kenyan and I come from Siaya District in Uranga Division at Komenya [slum]. My story is about myself.

When I was nine-years-old my dad and mum died in an automobile accident while on their way to Kisumu to visit my uncle. After that, my aunt took me to her home to live with her. She said she would take care of me. But then she started to talk to me and treat me like her maid.

She made me sell bananas, mangoes, oranges, and lemons for her and when I went home at mid day I had to go graze the cows. She told me that I would not go to school to get an education because I was now the maid.

Three months later, my grandmother came to the house to visit me and see how I was doing. But I was sick with malaria [at the time] and so she took me to the hospital. After some time when the doctor gave me medicine and I started feeling better, I was able to talk to my grandmother. She asked me how I was living with my aunt.

 I told her it was not good because I was not going to school. She got upset on seeing me dressed in tatters, yet my aunt always made me perform all the house chores alone together with looking after her children.

 Immediately, my grandmother ordered me to pack my stuff and promised to come back for me the following day, so that she could take me to a better place. After coming for me, she took me to my elder brother’s house, thereafter, they wanted to enroll me to a primary school after buying me a new school uniform. So unfortunate, the school fees was too high, and they could not afford it.

Still, luck was on my side, my mother and brother managed to get me a school at Mathare called, Undugu Basic Education Program, they provide me with free learning materials together with lunch, uniform is not compulsory in this school.

I would like to become a motorbike mechanic once I finish my education.I’m very interested in writing my stories in Digital Storytelling project for Advocacy. My blogs are about environmental issues facing people in the slums.

 After observing that the slums have become a dumping ground for those who do not live within the slums.Yet, the government does not take the initiative to clear the litter.

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